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Wordy Wednesday

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Welcome to Wordy Wednesday!  If you're an author, share an excerpt fewer than 500 words from your family friendly book in the comments below.  Be sure to include the title and one buy link.  Then go spread the word about this post so more people will find it.  If you're a reader...enjoy!

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An Informal Christmas - Click to Buy

Rylie ran for the elevator. A man in a faded denim jacket stood inside with the back curve of his left shoulder facing her. He didn’t acknowledge her high-speed sprint in his direction. Nor did he stop the two brushed steel panels from sliding closed between them.

She thought of pushing the button and forcing the doors to reopen. Honestly, though, did she want to get stuck in a metal box with a man who didn’t care about basic courtesy toward his fellow mankind? Not likely. Rylie huffed out an exasperated breath as she started up the stairs. Three flights up. It could be worse.

With a shove to the door, she exited the stairwell and stood on a narrow landing with skylights above and a view of the hospital’s lobby below. Ten steps to the left, and she broke through to the hallway-of-no-return. Nobody came up to this floor unless they worked in one of the three departments exiled here. The first door belonged to the chaplaincy. The second led to the main office for the hospital social workers. The third door, decorated with construction paper butterflies and cotton ball caterpillars, was home sweet home — Child Life.

“I can’t believe how rude people have become!” Rylie vented about the man in the elevator as she stepped past the colorful decorations and into her domain. Suzie, the part-time department head who kept their ship running tighter than junior size spandex on a burly linebacker, wasn’t at her desk. Their offices were anything but spacious, though, so she was likely still within hearing distance. After all, what was a good venting without someone to listen?

“I was running for the elevator, but the guy inside didn’t even wait for me. He let the doors slide closed. Because obviously it wasn’t big enough for two of us.” She left out the part about his back being to her. Absolving him of guilt wasn’t high on her priority list at the moment.

Suzie emerged from The Vault, a nether region of their office used for storage. She dusted her hands off and frowned at Rylie. “We have company.” She waved at the man following behind her. “This is Mr. York. He brought several boxes of stuffed animals for our kids.”

No way. Not… Lots of guys wore denim jackets, right? It couldn’t be the same…

“Sorry about the elevator. I got wedged into position by my dolly. I thought I heard someone calling, but by the time I turned myself around, the doors were closed and I was on my way up here.” His voice reminded her of a lemon tart, decadent smoothness with a sharp aftertaste. For some reason, she found herself tempted to savor the sound rather than pucker. Too bad her mind was already made up about him. He might have proven interesting.

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Fun idea! This is from WITHOUT PROOF.
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One new text: "Please let go of the plane crash. Asking questions could cost your life. A friend."

Fingers locked around the phone, Amy stared at the words burning themselves into her mind.

A faint thud from downstairs caught her breath. Amy whirled, trying to look everywhere at once. She closed the text message and typed 9 - 1 -

Thumb hovering over that final 1, she grabbed her cane and tiptoed to her doorway. Silence. Only the tick of the wall clock from the living room and the background ringing from overstraining her ears.

She crept down the stairs, pausing on each one. Nothing stirred. The sound had come from beneath her, at the back of the house. At the bottom of the stairway she turned toward the kitchen, then hesitated. Sneaking up on an intruder had to be her worst idea ever. What was she going to do? Club him with her cane? The light-weight aluminum would bounce off his head and barely dent his hair.

Looking for something for the kids to read these last few weeks before school starts? Here's an excerpt from NOAH'S ARK. And it's only ¢.99.

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Knock, knock, knock! The loud banging on their front door pulled Kimberly and
Leah from the movie they had been watching. They heard their Mom go to open the
“Look,” Leah said, looking out the window. “It finally quit raining.”
Kimberly turned to look out the window, too. “It’s about time,” she said happily.
“Girls,” Mrs. Williams said, “Samuel and David are here.” The boys came into the
Samuel was excited. “You guys have to come out and see the rainbow.”
“Yeah,” David spoke up. “It made the last four days of rain seem not so bad after all.”
“Come on,” Kimberly said grabbing Leah’s hand.
“Wait. I need to tie my shoes.” Leah tried to tie as fast as she could.
Kimberly knelt down next to her little sister and helped her hurry by tying the other
“Thanks!” Leah told her as all four of them raced to the back door.
Kimberly was running in the lead when she opened the door. She stopped so suddenly, that the others bumped into her so hard she had to take a step to keep from falling.
“Wow!” whispered Leah.
“Isn’t it great?” asked David.
Samuel looked at it, then asked out loud, “Do you think if we can find the end of it there will be a pot of gold?”
Kimberly tossed a “what are you thinking?” look at him.
“That’s just pretend.” David punched his brother playfully in the arm. “Don’t you know what the rainbow really means?” he asked.
“Of course.” Samuel put his hands on his hips and told them all, “It means that God promises to never flood the entire earth again.” He recited that little bit of information as if he’d been saying it all his life and was somewhat upset that he was being asked again.
After a few minutes of just staring at the beautiful colors of the rainbow, they got a little antsy.
David ended their quiet moment with, “Who wants to build an ark?”
All at the same time, the other three raised their hands and hollered, “Meeeee!”
“I get to be Noah,” David hollered before Samuel could say it.
Samuel made a face at David.
David responded to that look with, “You know the rules. First come first served. I said it first, so I get to be Noah.”
Samuel said something under his breath so that no one else could hear it.
“What?” David wanted to know what he had said.
“That’s fine with me,” Samuel said in a loud, grumpy voice.
Not wanting to waste one minute of their playtime outside, Kimberly jumped in to take charge as she always did. “Let’s get busy. We have a lot of work to do. What do we need?”
David thought for a moment. “I think it would be best if we started at the beginning of the story. I’m Noah.”
“We know that!” Samuel rolled his eyes.

Thanks so much for this opportunity!

This is from DREAM DOCTOR -

This is very strange. I can't remember ever feeling jealous like this before. But then again, before Brian I never had anybody worth being jealous over. I know this is completely irrational. I have nothing whatsoever to worry about. I'm in his heart and I always will be. Me and nobody else. Especially if last night was anything to go by.

Still, I’m going to keep a close eye on her. And if she so much as puts a hand on him, I'll cut her heart out. I know how to do it, too. I’ve been reading ahead - the instructions are right there in Grant's Dissector. Page 75.

I think I’ll mark the page with a post-it note. Just in case.

From my debut: HIGH SUMMONS


Rio’s smile didn’t fall away though she let her hand slide back to her side before coming to rest on her hip when he stepped away from her. “We need a fifth, Cheshire.”


Madrid frowned. “We will be summoning the first-born. Great risks yield great rewards.”

Cheshire Max shook his head letting his dreads swing. “Or great falls.”

He turned back to his music when Madrid stretched forward grabbing hold of his wrist. Cheshire Max spun throwing his other hand forwards with his palm facing Madrid. She flew back into the railing of the metal deck over twenty feet away. Rio’s eyes narrowed moving between Madrid and Cheshire analyzing the situation carefully. The tiger on her left arm stirred and paced down her arm through the ruins to her wrist. Its tail flicked before it yawned stretching its jaws. Rio rested her right hand against the tiger sending it back up her arm to return to its original position.

“Where do you stand?” she asked placing her hands on her hips. “Against, with, or neutral.”

“You know me, Rio; always neutral,” Cheshire Max replied turning back to his music. “Your soul is your own to destroy.”

“We will use him against his own kind. We could save hundreds.” She held up a hand when Madrid moved to approach. Fire flickered across the younger woman’s skin.

“Use him? Mammon?” The name resonated throughout the hall, and the music stuttered causing the dancers to falter for a moment and something flickered at the edge of the room. “Isn’t a weapon to be used. Mammon…” The room shuddered again, and I turned toward the door as the hairs on the back of my neck stood on end. “Will kill mortal after mortal for the glory of Hell. Mammon…” The door opened. Black smoke billowed in though the music had returned leaving the dancers back in their mass trance. “Will use you.”

“Jordan?” I whispered, and he held up a hand, but the gesture wasn’t good enough this time. “Jordan, we’ve got a problem.”

Jordan grabbed me turning my gaze upwards once more. Rio was backing away never breaking eye contact with Cheshire Max. Madrid rushed to her side, and they ran without another word. Cheshire Max crouched down low to the ground and tapped the metal with a smirk. His blue eyes staring straight into my own as runes lit across the deck and the entire room flooded with figure eights and runes. The darkness at the door faded, and a passerby closed the door without a second thought.

Here is an extract from NEVER SAY FOREVER

They reached the bottom of the steps, and she looked around, taking in her surroundings.
The cove was deserted. The sand stretched out unsullied by human feet in front of her, like a golden blanket. The sea was calm and still, with only the occasional ripple breaking its surface, and a few palm trees provided shelter from the sun.
“It’s like a tropical island.”
She wondered if he’d ever brought Leticia here then pushed the thought from her mind. Leticia was the past, and she wasn’t going to let anything spoil today.
Jake released her hand and walked over to the nearest palm tree to put down his bag. “Let’s leave our things here, he suggested. “It’ll provide us with some shade. How about a swim?”
Suddenly aware of how private the beach was, she felt embarrassed at the thought of taking off her sundress to reveal her skimpy bikini, but Jake had no such inhibitions. He was already pulling off his vest top to reveal a muscular chest.
She turned and quickly slid out her dress, folded it, and put it in her bag.
When she turned around, she saw Jake running over the sand to the sea, his long, strong legs striding out effortlessly.
“Hey, come on, slowcoach.” he called over his shoulder to her.
Kendall padded after him across the soft sand. He had his back to her as she joined him in the cool water, so she playfully splashed him.
He laughed then turned and ran towards her through the sea.
With a couple of long strides he was beside her and, before she realised what his intentions were, he’d wound an arm around her waist and had pulled her towards him.
Before she could resist, his mouth came down on hers, and he was kissing her passionately, holding her close.
She returned his kisses, winding her arms around his neck and running her hands through his dark curly hair, pulling him closer. The sea lapped gently around their legs as, oblivious to everything, she lost herself in his embrace.
Then, suddenly, he released his hold on her. “I’m sorry,” he told her seriously. “For a moment there I forgot that I was a gentleman.”
Tenderly, he took her hand and raised it to his lips for a moment before letting it go. He gave her a wry smile then turned and dived into the water.
As he swam from her, Kendall shivered, hugging her arms around her. Was she getting in deeper than she could handle?


From my new release "Dance and Be Glad"
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The doors of the sanctuary swung wide and in walked the woman who ruined him for all women, Jillian Matthews. He knew that she would be his partner for this wedding, but he hadn’t anticipated her being even more breath-taking than she had in high school. He wasn’t able to be at rehearsal the day before due to having to work an extra shift in the emergency room, so this was the first time he had seen her in seventeen years. He had tried a million times to imagine how this moment would be, but the reality of it surpassed all his previous ideas.

His heart thundered in his chest as she sauntered down the aisle in the blue satin gown. Her red hair glowed like a flame in the candle light. He couldn’t take his eyes off of her, no matter how hard he tried. The closer she came, the clearer her features became. She wasn’t as thin as she was in school, but he didn’t mind. She had more curve, more shape. He liked it, probably more than he should have. Not liking the direction his thoughts were taking him, he focused on her face - tired, but happy. Her dazzling green eyes had grayed a bit and faint lines fanned out from her eyes and around her mouth. The changes to her looks didn’t detract from her beauty but enhanced it. In his years of practicing medicine, he had met many who time had not been kind to. He could honestly say the opposite was true for Jillian. She had grown to become a striking woman.

Standing across from one another, she seemed to study him as much as he was her, making him nervous under her scrutiny. A part of him wondered if she was liking what she saw as much as he was. He forced a smile in a hello to her and she responded in the same way. He ran his tongue around in his mouth in an attempt to moisten it again. Either the air was dry or seeing her again was doing things to him. He fisted his hands in an effort to loosen the tension, his fingers met wet palms. The sensation of being hit in the gut reaffirmed that she still had an effect on him.

The wedding passed quickly and before he knew it, she was taking his arm as the wedding party followed the bride and groom to the back of the room.

“Hello there stranger,” she whispered. Her soft tone was like a melody in his ears.

“Hello, Jillian. How are you?” he asked through the pleasant smile he gave the photographer.

“I’m good,” she replied.

“You look good.”

A delicate giggle escaped her, “I do my best, but the make-up artist is a miracle worker.”

“Don’t be so modest, you have always been beautiful.”