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Wordy Wednesday

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to Wordy Wednesday!  Share an excerpt fewer than 500 words from your family friendly book in the comments below.  Be sure to include the title and one buy link.  Then go spread the word about this post so even more people will find it.

Happy reading (and writing)!!


An Informal DateClick to Buy

Kimi pretended to organize her muffin assortment as Dr. No-Name approached. She could set her clock by him. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 7:05 in the morning, he came for his large half-caff triple nonfat medium whip white mocha. Even though she knew what he would order, she waited for him to arrive. One day not too long ago, she’d started his drink as soon as he’d stepped into view. She’d had the steaming beverage ready and waiting for him. The poor guy had been so flustered he’d knocked over the fruit basket and taken out half the cookie display in the process.

She’d learned an important lesson that day. Two, really. Patience paid off. And some people don’t handle change well.

Dr. No-Name glanced to the side and tripped over a covered cable that ran along the floor. He kicked the toe of his loafer into the top of the cable’s molded rubber protector, lost his balance, hopped a couple of times on his left foot, swung his arms like a grade-schooler doing the windmill in PE, and finally got his right shoe back down on the ground. Despite the theatrical gymnastics, nobody but her appeared to be watching the show. She had to give him points for the landing. Not a brown hair on his head was out of place, and his lab coat hung from his shoulders with straight lines in complete denial of its recent whirlwind of activity.

The same cable had been positioned across that floor for as long as Kimi could remember. The doctor had to know it, too, but unless his eyes were trained directly on it, he seemed to forget. She’d witnessed his footwork often enough to realize that much, at least.

Kimi turned her back on him lest he catch her spying. Despite his oddities, she enjoyed Dr. No-Name’s visits to her kiosk and didn’t want to scare him off by staring or — heaven forbid — laughing.

“Um, excuse me.”

She turned around, her smile in place and hopefully no pity in her eyes. “Good morning! The usual?”

Dr. No-Name nodded. Most doctors wore their name embroidered on their official white lab coats, but not this one. Plain white, no fancy frills, and no embroidery. Either he wasn’t important enough for a name on his coat or he was humble enough not to care. She secretly hoped it was the latter.

Kimi set to work on his drink and tried to make conversation. “You always order a triple shot, but you want half-caff. Most people who want to go easy on the caffeine avoid the triple.”

She caught his shrug out of the corner of her eye. Getting this guy to talk was harder than pulling a barking dog’s molars with a pair of tweezers.


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These all sound great! Dr. No-Name sounds like my kinda guy. ;)

I have read An Informal Christmas and I enjoyed how the characters made their way to each other. I am looking forward to reading Loaves and Fishes by Elizabeth Maddrey.

Loved all the excerpts. I look forward to reading the books.

I love the excerpt of Felicia's One of Forty, and I am getting ready to buy the book. Love Heather's Informal Christmas! I am so glad I have connected with both of these amazing authors through Social Media.

I have read Heather's book and it is really good. I've ordered Felicia's book. I also hope to order Krystyn Hager's book.

I read the excerpt for One of Forty and I just recently bought the book. This excerpt made me want to read the book even more!

Here's hoping I receive Amazon gift cards for Christmas, so I can buy these (e)books. All sounds interesting! :)
Thanks for sharing! :)

I LOVED An Informal Christmas! I bought One of Forty and really enjoyed this excerpt, so I look forward to reading it. I have not read anything by Krysten Lindsay Hager, but her excerpt sounds interesting.

All of these are good. I like the one by Felicia Rogers. It is very interesting and holds your interest. I love her writing.

From Loaves & Wishes, releasing January 10, 2017 in Romance Grows in Arcadia Valley


Ruth Baxter dropped her suitcase on the gleaming dark wood floors and pushed the front door closed before sagging against it. Home? What had Naomi been thinking? From somewhere in the depths of Ruth’s enormous purse, her cell rang. She dug around, her fingers closing around the device just as it stopped. She dragged it out and glanced at the screen. Jonah. Of course it was Jonah. And her other two brothers were probably in the room with him. When their parents died more than ten years ago, the four of them had become inseparable. Until now. The phone chimed with a request for a video chat.

Stifling a groan, she swiped across the screen and tapped accept. “Hey. I just got here.”

Jonah grinned and stepped backwards. The faces of Malachi and Micah joined his in the camera’s eye. “And? How’s your inheritance?”

Ruth flipped the phone around so they could see the foyer with its gleaming antiques. “This is as far as I’ve made it.”

“Not really your style, is it?” That was Micah.

Ruth flipped the phone around and shrugged. “No. But then, I’m having a hard time seeing Naomi choose these, either. Neither of us ever loved all things Victoriana. Maybe it suits the clientele? Or maybe it’s an opportunity to start over, put my own mark on things.”

“That’s my sister. Always the optimist.” Jonah made a goofy face.

“Have to be, with you three around. No pithy comments, Malachi?” Ruth locked her gaze on the youngest of her three brothers. Though Micah had only beaten him into the world by five minutes, the older twin never let it go.
Malachi’s hands flashed as he signed a response.

Ruth laughed. “That’s more like it. And yes, as the eldest of the four of us, I am closest to being an old lady. But I still hope I never get this obsessed with crocheted...whatever these are all over the tables. That said, a cat isn’t necessarily a bad idea. It’d at least be company.”

“It’s not our fault you pulled up stakes and moved west.” Jonah frowned. “I still say you should’ve just sold the thing. What was Naomi thinking, leaving you a bed and breakfast in her will? A bed and breakfast in Idaho. Why was she even in Idaho?”

Ruth knew the answers to all of those questions, though they made little sense most days. Her best friend since kindergarten had tended toward eccentric even then. Losing her parents had pushed her right over the edge. “I’m pretty sure Idaho was the only possible place where Jaden wouldn’t follow. I’m also fairly certain Naomi didn’t plan to die.”

Micah frowned. “Sorry. But why couldn’t you wait for one of us to be free to come along?”

“Because she’s booked through the spring. And the people coming to experience the wonders of nature available within an easy drive of Arcadia Valley shouldn’t have to change their plans simply because cancer...” Ruth’s throat closed around the rest of her sentence and her eyes filled. She breathed in and blinked. No more crying. She gulped. “Anyway. We’ve been through this. I’m staying. At least through the spring and summer. Then, I guess we’ll see.”

Malachi tugged on Micah’s sleeve and he signed rapidly. Ruth squinted at the screen, but her youngest brother wasn’t fully in range. Micah grinned, nodding. “Mal has a great idea. He’s got some vacation that he’s owed. As do I. We’ll come out and help. What do you think?”

“Really? You’re sure?” Her heart leapt in her chest. Having her brothers here, even if it was just two of the three, would be amazing.

“We’re sure.” Micah punched Jonah’s arm. “What about you? Got any time saved up?”

Jonah nodded. “Yeah. I’ll talk to my boss tomorrow. Be careful, Ruth. I don’t like this.”

“Worry wart. It’s gonna be fine. Naomi loved it here.”

“You two were always so similar...I guess you probably will, too.” Jonah’s shoulders slumped. “Don’t be a stranger.”

“You either. Come soon, okay?” Ruth stared at her brothers standing shoulder-to-shoulder in the tiny screen. They were her walls of support. When they weren’t making her crazy. She blew them a kiss and hit end.