Informal Romance

Informal Romance is a Christian fiction series that takes you from the pediatric oncology unity to the ICU to the neurology department of a metropolitan hospital. Come along for the journey as characters who face some of the worst situations imaginable find their way through the tough questions and to the heart of God…and each other.

Real contemporary Christian romance bringing people together when they aren’t at their best.

Rainbow Falls

Rainbow Falls is the hidden gem of Montana, a bustling community that hasn’t lost it’s small-town feel, a place where people are learning to live extraordinary lives in the midst of ordinary circumstances. Join the people of Rainbow Falls as they discover that, despite our failings and the parts of ourselves we try to hide from the world, God’s grace is sufficient.

Rainbow Falls…where life is lived in full color.

Trinity Community Church, Coming Soon!

The folks of Trinity Community Church keep finding themselves in the midst of unusual circumstances and situations - the kind that make for a great laugh. From a woman who refuses to date a pastor to a man who goes all-in on the most disastrous housing renovation imaginable, this series is filled with teachable moments spiced with laughter. (For those of you who have read the Informal Romance series, you might like to know that Blossom, the personality-filled chaplain, is the director of Trinity’s children’s Sunday school program.)

The people of Trinity walk through life in community with each other, and they get through it with equal measures of grace and laughter.

Box Sets and Collections

Occasionally I have the privilege of collaborating with other authors on writing projects. This is the page where you’ll find any current box sets or collections in which I am involved.

Contemporary Stand-Alone Romance

Looking for a contemporary inspirational romance with a humorous twist? Enjoy a little laughter with your love? Then you’ll enjoy Nowhere for Christmas and Ten Million Reasons! Get ready for lighthearted banter and characters who aren’t afraid to admit their faults or - even better - laugh at themselves!

Modern day romance with an endearing touch of calamity.


As much as I love writing fiction, I also love sharing God’s word in a more direct fashion, too. This is where you’ll find any devotionals that include something I’ve written.

Ladies of Larkspur

The Ladies of Larkspur series weaves together pioneer tradition, faith in God, and perfectly flawed characters in the fictional town of Larkspur, Idaho. Begin your western adventure now.

Get to know the Ladies of Larkspur and the men who captivate them.

Regency Refuge

Welcome to Regency England where people rarely say what they mean, and everybody knows it! The Regency Refuge series is romance interwoven with an inspirational theme so that - as much as possible - it’s true to how faith would have been represented among people during that era. Once upon a time there were Cities of Refuge. Those don’t exits in Regency England, though - so where will people run when they need protection? Who will they turn to, and where - or how - will they hide?

Get to know the people who work behind the scenes to keep their country and the people they love safe.